5 Movie streaming apps for iOS Users

Out of everything people of different age, size, culture and religion have in common – one of the most common match point between two polar opposite people would be the love for entertainment. Be it any form of entertainment – Songs, videos or Movies, people enjoy watching them regularly. Also, amongst them Movies might constitute to be the best past time activity for each and every one of us.

Gone are the days, when you had to stand in queues to get movie tickets to watch your favorite movie. Nowadays, younger generation is flocking towards movie streaming apps to find their favorite latest movie release online. Today, in order to help you, we are providing you with 5 Movie streaming apps for your iOS device.

MovieBox App for iOS


The MovieBox app is the undoubted favorite choice for all movie lovers. The app is available for free on the iOS App Store and provides you with a very large collection of movies, both latest releases and old ones. Also, in addition, the app also features movies from across different cinemas in a number of languages spoken across the world. The app also provides you with the option to download these movies to your device to be able to watch them later on. You can easily download this app from official website.

Showbox App for iOS

The Showbox app is also one of the best free movie streaming apps available for the iOS users. This app provides the users with a wide range of Hollywood and Bollywood movies which they can view any time on the app. Also, the ShowBox app interface is designed in such a way that you won’t have much difficulty in navigating through the app. Also, the movie content on the app is available across various different languages and cultures.

Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie Box is another such application where iOS users can enjoy the benefit of streaming movies for free on their devices. The app contains a number of movies in high definition quality. You can easily search for your favorite movies with the help of the interactive user interface. The app contains a number of commercial ads to boost their revenue which can be ignored given the fact the developers are providing us with all the movies we need.

Playbox HD app for iOS

The Playbox HD mobile app for the iOS users allows them to stream and download Hollywood as well as Bollywood films in HD quality.The app has a number of search options including search by genre, name or year of release to help you search for your favorite movie quickly. You can find movies from almost all genres available in many different languages.

Megabox and Movie HD

Megabox and Movie HD is among the most popular movie streaming apps where you can watch or download movies. This app has large database of movie content from different cinema industries across the globe. Also, the language of the movie is not an issue as you can easily find movies in the language you want. Some of the movies on the app come in various genres including rom-coms, horror, comedy, thrillersand sit-coms.


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